Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Design with space 2

Design with space 1

Security Blanket

I revised the project inspired by Tara Donovan's work, bringing the previous one into another level of complexity and sophistication of idea. I added a new element of flexibility to give the sculppture an active quality.
Rather than gluing each cup with hot glue, I joined each styrofoam cup with fishing line to make it flesible. Sewing the cups with fishing line was an excellent choice since it is transparent for the viewers and the process was less time consuming that using hot glue. Eventually, I ended up making a piece the size of a single bed of styrofoam cups which reminded me of a security blanket that I had used in my childhood.
This extremely flexible sulpture is easily adaptable to any kind of environment; I can either cover myself with the blanket or put it on any surface of furtniture or even rocks. I basically produced a sculpture that has a dynamic relationship with both the audience and myself. I believe this piece of art provokes a strong desire to wear it and offers the audience the exceptional visual excitement of observinc the organic pattern of the white cups.