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ARTS 2008 1st Place Award - Into the Depth

Into the Depth, oil, acrylic and cold wax on paper

Into the Depth is an oil painting of modern architecture. I was really attracted by the calm atmosphere of the modern inner sanctum of the indoor pool. Also, the image gave me a primordial urge to dive into the aquamarine depths of the water and enjoy moments of relaxation, escaping from the burden of daily routines. The use of cold wax allowed me to express the translucent qualities of pristine water to recreate my own tranquil space.

ARTS 2008 1st Place Award (reception, June 27 2008)

ARTS 2008 1st Place Award in painting on paper
Surrey Art Gallery on June 27, 2008 7:00pm

ARTS 2008

ARTS 2008 show features 58 pieces chose by juros Juhn Cranswick, Brian Foreman and Paulo Majano. This 24th juried exhibition runs June 28-September 21, 2008 at Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC Canada.

News Articles on ARTS 2008

source : Student News at Emily Carr University homepage

Sanghyun Samuel Kim – Surrey Art Gallery: Arts 2008 Exhibition

First year student Sanghyun Samuel Kim was awarded first place in the category Painting on Paper for his work Into the Depth (oil, acrylic, and wax) in the annual juried Arts 2008 Exhibition, organized by the Arts Council of Surrey, in collaboration with the Surrey Art Gallery.

In addition to painting, over the past couple of years, Samuel has been exploring sculpture using found materials to comment on the destructive nature of consumerism. The exhibition features work by both local and regional artists and runs through to September 21, 2008.

ARTS 2008 Juried Exhibition 1st Place Award , Sanghyun Kim

by reporter Jaeyeon Lee, Chosun Ilbo Vancouver July 5, 2008

기성작가들과 경쟁, 최연소로 최고상 수상

‘ARTS 2008’공모전 1위한 김상현군

9월 에밀리카(Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design)로 진학할 예정인 한인 학생 김상현군이 써리 아트갤러리(Surrey Art Gallery)가 주관하는 ‘ARTS 2008’ 공모전에서 회화부문 1위를 차지했다.
‘ARTS 2008’ 공모전은 1974년부터 평균연령 35세 이상 60세까지 캐나다 전역에서 활동 중인미술가들이 참가하는 대회로, 올해 24년의 역사와 높은 수준의 권위를 자랑한다. 올해 만17세가 된 김군은 이번 공모전 최연소 참가자로 기성 작가들의 작품과 나란히 겨뤄 최고의 상을 받게 되어 그 의미가 더욱 크다.
김군은 “학생들끼리 경쟁하는 대회가 아닌 오랜 시간 미술을 전공했거나 화가로 활동하고 있는 성인 작가들의 쟁쟁한 작품 속에서 1위에 입상할 줄은 전혀 예상하지 못했다”며 시상식에서 캐네디언 성인 화가들 가운데 최고상을 받을 때는 “가슴이 뭉클했다”고 수상소감을 밝혔다.

■ 오일과 콜드왁스 이용해 3개월 걸려
김상현군의 수상 작품은 ‘into the depth’. 오일과 아크릴, 콜드왁스를 사용해 수영장 내부를 그린 최근 작품으로, 잔잔한 수면의 파장을 편안한 안식처를 갖고 싶어하는 모든 사람들의 마음과 연결시켰다. 상현군은 학교 수업이 없는 주말을 이용해 틈틈이 그린 이번 수상작품을 그리는 과정에서 콜드 그린을 녹여 오일과 섞어 그려야 하는 작업이 까다롭고 물 성분인 왁스가 마르지 않아 촛불을 켜서 말리는 등 굳히는 과정에서 약간의 어려움을 겪기도 했다. 또한 수영장 내부의 깊이와 빛의 각도에 따라 색깔과 파장이 다양해 겹겹이 표현하기가 쉽지 않아 시작한 지 3개월에 걸쳐 완성시켰다.
최연소 참가자로 최고의 상을 받게 된 상현군이 1위 수상자로 확정된 후 작가의 작품해설을 경청하던 심사위원들은, 수면의 잔잔한 파장과 투명함을 차분하고 섬세하게 잘 표현해낸 그의 작품을 두고 “진짜 네가 그린 그림인가” 반문하며 콜드왁스 표현기법에 큰 관심을 보였다. 그들은 또 “너를 1등으로 뽑는데 어려움이 없었다”는 말로 작품의 완성도에 극찬을 아끼지 않았다.

■ 2005년부터 크고 작은 미술대회 석권
김군은 2008년 대회에서 1위에 입상하기 이전, 2006년과 2007년 대회에서도 연속 입선한 것을 비롯해 그 동안 많은 대회에서 상을 받았다. 그림을 시작한 지 얼마 되지 않아 출품했던 2006년 대회에서 4대1의 경쟁을 뚫고 입선한 후 자신감을 얻어 1위를 꿈꾸게 됐다는 상현군은, 이후 2007년 ‘Prince of Wales Department Award’, 2007년, 2008년 ‘Buschlen Mowatt Teen Scholarship Program’ 대회에서도 연속 입상하는 등 크고 작은 대회에서 두각을 드러내며 지난 주말 2008년 대회 수상자들과 밴쿠버 ‘Buschlen Mowatt Gallery’에서 전시회도 가졌다. 이밖에 9학년이던 2005년 쓰나미(Tsunami) 희생자들의 아픔과 작은 희망을 표현한 작품은 밴쿠버 법원(Vancouver Provincial Court) 전시실에 3년 동안 전시되기도 했다.

■ 갤러리 돌아보며 소재 찾아
어릴 때부터 자동차와 자전거 등 바퀴가 달려 있는 모든 움직이는 기구를 좋아하고 특히 미술과 디자인 방면에 소질을 보인 상현군의 장래희망은 자동차 디자이너. 그림을 그리지 않는 대부분의 시간은 자동차 잡지와 자료를 보면서 보낸다. 작품 아이디어가 떠오르지 않을 때는 밴쿠버 갤러리를 돌아보며 소재를 찾는다. 특히 작가가 직접 작품설명을 해주는 UBC 대학 내 전시공간을 자주 가는 편이다. 그곳에서 작품마다 제작과정의 어려움과 그 어려움을 이겨내는 방법 등 선배들의 ‘작가정신’을 배우고 돌아오면 새로운 아이디어가 떠오른다는 것. 미술 외 일반 학업성적도 우수한 편인 김군은 또 지난달 졸업식에서 평균92점 이상의 상위 10%학생들에게 주어지는 최우등상을 받았다. 이재연 기자

2008년 07월 05일

58 juried works in annual exhibition
(Surrey Now Tuesday, July 01, 2008)

Examples of innovation and variety are on view at ARTS 2008, the juried exhibition staged by the Arts Council of Surrey. In its 24th year, the show opened Friday (June 28) at Surrey Art Gallery and continues until September 21. The 58 works were done and submitted by artists from Surrey and around the region. The works range from traditional paintings to contemporary expressions, and "reflect innovation in thinking and use of mediums," according to judges. ARTS 2008 celebrates "the diverse artistic talents of both established and emerging visual artists, generates awareness of their work and plays an important role in their professional development."
Winners have been named in five categories, with the People's Choice Award to be announced once the exhibit closes at the gallery, located at Bear Creek Park. Pat Schendel's Catch the Wave earned first prize in the 3-D Works and Fibre Arts category. "I have been working with crystalline porcelains for 12 years," Schendel wrote in the artist's statement, "and am always excited by the random growth of crystals that are manipulated by temperature control.... I was influenced by a recent vacation to the Marquesas Islands, where I watched surfers riding the waves."
Marie Heath says she was longing for a tropical vacation when she conceived Tropical Punch (winner in the Drawing, 2-D Mixed Media & Printmaking category) on a dreary, rainy Sunday. She wrote: "Tie-dyed tissue papers, small beads and slivers of metallic papers were layered over a base of acrylic inks to produce bursting rainbows of colours."
Top mark in the Photography and New Media category went to David Crocker's For Mem-ry Has Paint-ed This, its title borrowed from the words on the sheet music pictured. "Without the artistic skill of the woman who decorated the shop window with a display that captured my photographic eye," he wrote, "this image would not exist." Sanghyun Samuel Kim's Into The Depth earned first place in the Painting on Paper category, while the Painting on Canvas nod went to Chun Hua Catherine Dong's Multicultural Consistency II.
The other new exhibit at Surrey Art Gallery is Recent Acquisitions: Persona Socialis, a collection of paintings, drawings, photographs and sculpture drawn from the gallery's "small but focused" permanent collection of 380 works. In Recent Acquisitions, works by Susan Edelstein, Toni Latour, Ken Lum and others consider the concept of persona -- "the public identities created through our choices in clothing and actions."

© Surrey Now 2008

Artistic assortment By Sheila Reynolds
(Surrey North Delta Leader - June 27, 2008)

Scot Keefer, assistant preparator, puts up pieces of artwork in the main gallery of the Surrey Arts Centre in preparation for this weekend's opening of the ARTS 2008 juried exhibition.
Colleen Flanagan / Surrey Leader
If it's diversity you seek, diversity you shall find at this year's juried community exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery. In its 24th year, the ARTS 2008 show features 58 pieces chosen by jurors John Cranswick, Brian Foreman and Paulo Majano from nearly 200 submitted by local artists. There are human figures, landscapes, still lifes and abstracts. Subject matter ranges from children to birds, trees to boats, reptiles and amphibians to vegetables and fruits.

The media is also extremely varied. While there's most definitely the more traditional uses of materials, like drawings and paintings on paper and canvas, there are also pieces such as a mask made of leather, a photo-transfer on canvas and a woven raffia piece. Artists appear to be mixing things up more and more, with one, Marie Heath, using a rainbow of watercolours on paper, combined with foil pieces and beads. Her piece took top prize in the mixed media category. "We just thought it was so individual," said Foreman, "playing with colour, repetition – even the handling of the materials." Other artists have combined ink and mixed papers, fabric, wax, pastels and charcoal. Pat Schendel's stunning crystalline porcelain pieces were also a prize winners. Inspired by surfers she watched during a recent visit to the Marquesas Islands, Schendel's series of five brilliant blue wave-shaped bowls are perfectly uniform with a sparkling turquoise glaze. Other even more unique works include a tall table-top stained-glass lamp by Margaret Billings and Allanah Atley's intricately beaded walking stick topped with bone, which she explains in her artist's statement is of Aleut (Alaskan Inuit) origin, with every bead having been blessed. Stephen Welther submitted something the local show has never received – an inlaid stone piece. The landscape scene has creme, burgundy and green-toned stones comprising rolling hills, trees and a small assembly of black and white sheep. "There's a kind of naive quality to it, which is kind of cute," said Foreman. Cam MacDonald, who was included in last year's exhibition, again has a humorous canned fish piece in the show – this one called Canned Salmon (SIC) and consisting of large white-labeled cans with "Diced Barreleye" in black type.

From the 58 pieces, jurors chose the top three in five categories. Winners included:
Category 1 (Painting on Canvas)
1st - Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Multicultural Consistency II, acrylic l
2nd - Anna Plesset, A1, The Vancouver Sun, oil on canvas
3rd - Mary Frances Batut, Sacred?, acrylic on canvas
HM - Polly Faminow, Woman & Dog, acrylic on canvas
HM - Sean Mills, Taipei Green, oil on board
Category 2 (Painting on Paper)
1st - Sanghyun Samuel Kim, Into the Depth, oil, acrylic & wax
2nd - Lorelei Green, Building the Past, watercolour & dry brush
3rd - Becky McMahon, Bamboo Window II, watercolour & ink
HM - Kyungji Kang, Untitled, acrylic on paper
Category 3 (Drawing, 2-D Mixed Media & Printmaking category)
1st - Marie Heath, Tropical Punch, mixed
2nd - Cam MacDonald, Canned Salmon (SIC), ink on paper on can
3rd - Brenda Peacock, Floodplain, encaustic & oil bar
HM - Jo-Ann Sheen, Prep Time, monoprint
HM - Stephen Welther, Landscape, stone
Category 4 (3-D Works and Fibre Arts)
1st - Pat Schendel, Catch the Wave, crystalline porcelain
2nd - Margret Billings, Spring 1, stained glass
3rd - Dianne Harding, At the Edge of October, fibre
HM - Michelle McCutchon, Rise of Dawn, alabaster
Category 5 (Photography and New Media)
1st - David Crocker, For Mem-ry Has Paint-ed This, photography
2nd - Gabor Gasztonyi, William Deng Family, pigment print
3rd - Milenko Grgar, Tatarus, cyanotype
HM - Joci Sirak, Staircase, Casa Batllo, giclee print
ARTS 2008, a collaboration between the Arts Council of Surrey and the Surrey Art Gallery, runs until Sept. 21 at the gallery, located at 13750 88 Ave. For more information, call 604-501-5566.


Reach Out 2007 oil

This reflects my ordinary daily life. It represents the moment that I stretch my hand toward the alarm clock after a pleasant nap. My arm is reaching out to the alarm to turn off, because I had to wake up. However in my deep unconsciousness, I was very reluctant to reach the alarm and didn't really want to be disturbed.

Color Pencils 2007 oil

When I recently found these color pencils at the check counter of Opus, I was fascinated by the curly mixture of bright colors. This is a photo-realism painting of color pencils. Three different color pencils were placed on my glass coffee table like a canvas. I expressed the beauty of vivid colors as a whole and three different individual appearance of color pencils from different distance.

The Path to Maturity mixed media sculpture 2008

The Path to Maturity mixed media sculpture 2008
air-dry clay, print, magazines and books, acrylic
48cm by 38 cm by 60 cm
This particular artwork tells a story with a very special meaning about me. The head, made out of air-dry clay, is collaged with organized, patterned images of numerous library book stacks. As a senior high school student, I gradually spent more time in a library studying for exams. Slowly, the image of bookcases was embedded in my head becoming the source of inspiration for the surface of my head. These images represent my development of maturity and the amount of knowledge that I digested through my high school years. This peaceful and calm atmosphere of the library well relfects my personality.

Buschlen Mowatt Teen Scholarship Exhibition 2008

Buschlen Mowatt Teen Scholarship Exhibition 2008
Buschlen Mowatt Galler, Vancouver
June 27-29, 2008

With Art Umbrella instructor

brief artist's talk to Mr. Mowatt and guests

With 15 scholarship students,
including Daniella Barreto, Sally Chan, Ada Chiu, Spencer Gilley, Jenny Guo, Phebe Heinzman Hope, Merlin Heintzman, Harkeerat S Mangat, Chritine Lee, Diego Pacheco, Ellis Sam, Cassandra Timmenga, Tristan Unrau, Annie Xu

installation view
at Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver Canada
The Path to Maturity, mixed media sculpture 2008

comment from Mr. Barrie Mowatt
"... a keen understanding of 'self'...
a stunning sculpture, engaging, thoughtful, visually appealing,
exactlly what a "good" artwork should be ..."


signal - tape installation

Signal summer 2007 masking tape & gel medium
(tape installation)

This installation of optical allusion was inspired by the works of Banksy. With blue masking tape on two walls and wooden floor, I created an image of signal strength. It was necessary to find a right angle and right standing point. If I look it from a certain spot, the signal bars look as if they are straight. I chose the signal strength sign of cell phone because it is one of the most familiar icons in this era of telecommunication, and symbolizes connectivity.

ARTS 2007 (Surrey Art Gallery)

Self-portrait, mixed media on paper


Artist Statement (Waste 2 Go)

Instead of throwing away a large number of bottles daily, I was intrigued by this idea of repoducing, Milk 2 Go bottles, which is one of my favorite drink. Two sets of bottel mold case are my personal artistic response to the mass production of milk bottles. To create different visual effect on the box, I ripped the surface of a card board box leaving unexpectedly beauful aesthetic pattern. Making the milk bottles with wire mess and aluminiium foils, I wanted to emphasize that the plastic bottles people habitually dump can be recreated as beautiful and visually pleasing structual objects. Some of the bottles with missing parts represent the defects that are found during the mass production. The shiny reflection and flashy appearance of the bottles also imply our current futuristic trend of design.

Buschlen Mowatt Teen Scholarship Exhibition 2007 "WASTE"

with Arts Umbrella instructor Suzy Birstien

15 teen scholarship students and Suzy Birstien

with Mr. Barrie Mowatt, Buschlen Mowatt Gallery

Waste 2 Go, mixed media sculpture 2007
installation view
Buschlen Mowatt Galler, Vancouver


Light 2006 charcoal
Using charcoal, I draw the upper interior of a shopping mall. I was fascinated by the contrast of the strikingly bright light coming from the ceiling and the thick black steel beam within the ceiling.

Symbol M, McDonald
"Symbol M" is pop art using accrylic paints. Our society seems to be mesmerized by one of the fastfood companies, McDonald. We see McDonald's ads on TV or on the bus. The reason that I chose the pop art project is because I personally think that it is a great tool to reflect our social and cultural atmosphere in which we currently live, namely what we like, what we think, what kinds of value we admire. This project led me to realize how McDonald affects and impacts our society. Being fast and convenient is one of our most important values in our ordinary lives.

Extreme Power Vacuum 2005 pencil & color pencil
This drawing is one piece of a series of pencil drawing of Extrem Power. I was very interested in various models of vacuum. When I saw this extreme power vacuum, I wanted to capture the imaginery scene in which the powerful vacuum was sucking up the light dandelion seeds.

Extreme Power 2005 pencil & color pencil
As one of a series of Extreme Power, this drawing shows my imagination that a powerful and heavy staple machine is blowing out the dandelion seed into the air.

Glowing Night Spring 2006 oil

This is a painting in oil of the late night scene of downtown Vancouver in early winter. I started by applying Gesso on the canvas to get an interesting texture which resembled raindrop One of the challenges in this project was to capture the atmosphere of a rainy and blurry image and the moment of stillness in deep darkness. My focus was on the glowing neon sign and the reflected lights on a wet road in contrast to the dark background.

Self-portrait summer 2006 mixed media on paper

This is one of my series of self-potraits. This mixed media painting is my own reflection in the mirror in my art studio during break time. I tried to capture the real image and mood of myself reflected in the mirror and at the same time the vague of shadow of me on the wall. Colorful marks around the mirror displays my words of silence and reflect my messy personality.