Wednesday, September 17, 2008

grotesque 2008

new artwork

Waterfall 2007 charcoal, pastel & oil

This is a drawing and painting of a rural landscape. I accentuate the texture of the rock and braches and the contrast between glowing water and the rock. I derived pure enjoyment from creating this work because this was my chance to explore different materilas including charcoal, pastel, and oil paints and experiment with various textures to express the serenity and purity of nature.

new virus creature

new artwork

In the city acrylic

I painted in acrylic my own created object with maters that can be easily found in the urban setting, such as steel, rubber, grass, soil. This unique object was place on a parking lot with a typical apartment building in the background.

Newly Born 2007 oil

In this experimental study of blurry image, I focus on the new birth of tiny fresh leaves on the ground. I wanted to capture the peaceful and meaningful moments and celebrate the birth of new life on earth.

Climing 2007 acrylic, oil
This painting in oil and acrylic is my interpretation fo materialism in mordern society. Unfortunately most people tend to focus on the wealth and their possession. These subjects take a very huge role in defining their happiness and their sense of achievement. Through this piece of art, I convey the message that such a life in pursuit of big fortune is fruitless and vain. The blue uniformed mine workers are blinded by the flashy appearance of fake jewels. I reinterpret the futuristic structure as modern mining for instant fortune. Imagine 4 people try to mine red ruby in spite of high risk and danger and climb for big money, but it turns out to be useless. Through the choise complementary colors, pop-out effect is emphasized.

basket installation

new artwork

In My Memory 2007 mixed media

Futuristic 2007 mixed media sculpture

My intention was to create several groupd of 3D objects which look like 2-dimensional painting. For futuristic image, three 3D cubes were made with bamboo stick. Dried branches in 3 bright flourescent colors give glowing effect. 3 oval-shaped silver rings with abract image represents the space, while curved yellow line reminds me of yellow line on a curved road. I love the combination of white, metallic, bright fluorescent colors in dark background. By arranging cube, oval, square objects to look edgy, organic, and dynamic. I experience an amazing travel to the unknown space in my imagination.

Who Killed the Electric Cars? 2007 Gal kid medium on the print

I developed this work from one of the current controversal social issues in automobile industry, which I have a deep interest in. The short documentary film titled "Who killed the electric cars?" inspired me to start this project. In 1996 GM introduced an elctric car called EV1 and started to lease them to the public. However, this car project didn't seem to benefit their business partner, Shell, becasue it didn't consume any fuel. In 2003 GM suddenly announced that the lease of EV1 would discontinue. Instead, GM started to put huge investment on the development of hydrogen cars in partnership with Shell for better profit. It was a result of conflict between Eco-friendly vs. Economy. The leasers of EV1 expressed their anger and grief by publickly performing the funeral of EV1.

As a future car designer, I felt sympathetic wtih developers and users of EV1 about the death of the EV1. In memory of the discontinued model, I would like to created something special In this artwork, I applied several layers of Gal kid on the picture which displayed the piles of crushed EV1's, expressing depression, frustration and sadness. I want to convey the message that EV1 remain only in memory. Who made the Electric Cars? Who killed the Electric Cars? That's the irony.

sea creatures