Friday, August 27, 2010

The Games are Open (Köebberling & Kaltwasser)

This summer, I took part in an installation art project,
The Games are Open
by two German artist,
Köebberling & Kaltwasser.

Using recycled materials from the 2010 Olympic's Athletes Village,
the artists
are constructing a larger than life bulldozer that will
eventually decompose
to provide fodder for new growth. From the
very beginning of construction,
Emily Carr students from sculpture,
photography and industrial design have
assisted in the process.
The students have been instrumental in realising this

artwork that occupies land on the edge of the Olympic Village.
Some of these
tudents have simply volunteered, while others joined
up as part of the Co-op
Program. Recently, the team has been
oined by UBC Architecture student
to create a great mix of expertise and interests on site.

Emily Carr students involved in the project include:
Project Intern: Karen Garrett de Luna, MAA candidate
Volunteers: Neudis Abreu and Desmond Wong
Co-op Students: Lance Cardinal, Tony Charlie, Tom Hsu, Sanghyun Samuel Kim, Bahador Saray, Sarah Storteboom, Chelsea Trousdell, and Shuai Szhao

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